Things to Consider When Choosing Furniture Fabric

img_0_10Once you have decided to update your furniture, don’t just put it out at the curb or sell it, consider having it re-upholstered. Whether it has fabric that’s outdated or it’s been through its share of wear and tear, having your furniture re-upholstered is a great way to update your furniture, without breaking the bank with buying new pieces.


When choosing a fabric to cover your furniture, there are a few things to consider. With some help from eHow, we have compiled a list of important aspects to think about before purchasing fabric, including style, color, and durability.


1. Style: When choosing fabric for your upholstery projects, make sure you take into consideration the style of your furniture. For traditional style furniture, it is recommended to stick with the traditional theme and choose a plaid or chevron fabric. For modern furniture, try a cotton fabric in a bold color. White is always in style and is a great option for any style furniture. You will also want to consider the size of the furniture if you are going for patterned fabric; large prints work great on larger furniture, whereas smaller pieces work best with small prints.


2. Color: Think about the colors in the room your newly upholstered furniture will be going, and choose a color to match or accent the room. If the room is a high traffic area, like a family room or dining room, a darker fabric will hide stains better.


3. Durability: For furniture used often choose a tightly woven fabric, which is more durable choice than printed fabric. Canvas fabrics are great for furniture that gets a lot of wear and tear.


4. Natural Fabrics: Cotton, cotton-blend, leather, wool and silk, are great natural fabrics to choose from. Cotton and cotton-blend fabrics work well in informal rooms, with cotton-blends being a great option for families, due to its durability. Leather is always a great option as “holds up well to all kinds of abuse.” Silk is a good option for rooms that don’t get much traffic, such as a formal living room, and wool offers great durability.


5. Synthetic Fabrics: A popular synthetic fabric is microfiber fabrics. Microfiber fabrics are stain resistant and are durable is the harshest conditions.


Now that you have some direction on how to pick out fabrics, get out there and find the perfect fabric for your furniture!


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