The furniture in your home not only completes your décor and makes you feel welcome and at ease, but it tells a story. Family heirlooms, antiques and other pieces show the history and heritage of your family and your home. Over time and over years of enjoyment, these items begin to wear down. Champions Refinishing & Upholstery provides refinishing services to completely restore the worn-down appearance of your valuable antiques and heirlooms, restoring them without removing their classic appeal.

Many incidents and problems occur and cause furniture to break down. Items become water damaged, causing wood to rot and upholstery to fade, or legs, arms, backs or other parts of the furniture can break, simply from repeated use. Inevitably, the wood that used to shine on rocking chairs, bookshelves, headboards and other pieces become scratched, faded and generally worn-out. Our refinishing services restore the gorgeous luster of wood and other materials, removing scratches, restoring colors and bringing the piece back to a beautiful shine. We take pride in our ability to repair and refinish period furniture while maintaining the unique history and original design that makes each piece extraordinary.

We are able to restore extensive damage by fabricating trim, repair lacquer, matching finishing and fixing broken parts. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

Antique Furniture Repair & Restoration in Houston